Saturday, May 31, 2008

wala pang title

can we be at the same place all the time?
its a mystery when you're here with me all the while.
couldn't believe that were closer yet apart
coz in my heart i know, that places will but our hearts can never be

time and time again i think of you
from the sun shines till the stars are in view
i've been dreaming all the things that we've done
and I'm singing all the songs we like

i just wanna tell you that I'll always be just fine.
when i think that you are just here next to me.
i always pray that you would impart these in your mind.
don't you worry 'cause you can count on me all the time.

Friday, May 30, 2008


love to see you around
love the feeling when you smile at me
wanna be by your side
wanna be where you are tonight

coz no one can, take your place in my heart
and no one can, replace you coz...

even though your far away
and even though you left my heart in stray
i still wanna hold you, pull you close to me
i still wanna hold you.... to forever

see the sky today?
see there could be tomorrow...
i wont give up today..
i know there could be tomorrow.. .

coz everyday i'll be waiting here for you
and everyday i'm still longing for you...


here it goes... a new beginning, a reason for typing... stories of whatever is happening, interpersonal or intra personal of my life... blogging will be my gateway... gateway of my thoughts... if i can't say it... i can type it...=) so.... hope you'll look forward for my blogs... =)